14 August 2005

Why are here?

I am reminded of a great line (though probably uttered elsewhere) from WKRP in C. where one character asks, Why are we here, and the obvious response..."As opposed to where?"
This is existence in utter simplicity. We are here until we are not. I only think about this as I was pondering suicide. Always a cheerful subject. I have such an enjoyment of life (when either good or bad) that I can't imagine wanting to miss any minutes I may have in front of me, but I also see the lazy and easy way of checking out early and avoiding the work. Anyway, that's what's in my head.

14 December 2004

Violence and sex

As I see it, there has been a decrease in teens having sex during a time when the government has had to crack down on sex on tv (violence, which actually hurts people is ok still) because there were so many abusers of the rules. This is backwards. Obviously it is not the stuff on tv that has any effect. There's more stuff to see on all the other 500 channels besides "normal" broadcast tv. Maybe these politicians should spend a little time trying to help people and stop trying to protect their moral judgement.